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These pages have been elaborated in the framework of the Comenius 2.1. project EHELP  "European History e-Learning Project".

It is hoped that schools will contribute to this project by researching and presenting the history of their own, local response to the Spanish Civil War. This might range from something as simple as a photograph of a local Spanish Civil war memorial, to something as major as an oral history project with interviews of surviving veterans of the International Brigade.

These pages try to compile a selection of links to websites focused on Spanish Civil War. I have sorted them out by language (Spanish, English, Italian, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Galician) and by subject. I have also dared choose the, in my view, essential webs on the Spanish Civil War.

Essential websites are reviewed in English and Spanish, the rest of the websites are commented in Spanish.

Sites are added and removed to this site as appropriate, and suggestions for sites to consider are welcome and appreciated.

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 La Cucaracha

Espagne au Coeur

  Abraham Lincoln International Brigade

  La guerra de nuestros abuelos

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